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Hemorrhoid Therapy in Metairie

Although a frequently neglected area of healthcare, more than 50% of the population is afflicted with hemorrhoids and while the signs and symptoms may come and go, it is best to treat the underlying source to prevent the condition from worsening.

This disposable hemorrhoid removal procedure is safe, painless and takes less than a minute; most patients return to normal activities the same day. Patients typically require 3 treatments at two week intervals, and 99% of patients are able to avoid surgery using this technology. We have been utilizing rubber band ligation for some time, but have now started to offer treatment using this new technology to make the procedure quicker and more comfortable for our patients.

For more information about hemorrhoid therapy at Metairie Gastroenterology please visit http://www.crhsystem.com/ or contact our office at 504-456-6701.